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For Such a time as this…I require your support.  I had a dream with you in it that you would become one of my first 10 supporters.
My singing practice has taken me on the most healing adventure of my LIFE so far. I know you remember my story about how my Father, Billy Master’s passed away when I was an infant, but having a baby of my own and a more stable lifestyle has brought upon the circumstances that have allowed me to connect with my biological father’s band mates, community and his formerly unknown works (stuff on tapes that no one ever heard-) even though he wrote many successful hit songs that appear on multiple hit records. (Runs in the family?, hopefully!)
Basically it turns out he was in one of the most popular Christian bands ever and they toured around the world and routinely performed for 20,000-200,000 LIVE FANS and they won Grammies and performed at the White House. So this year Stephen and I are committed to exploring, sharing and developing this work and releasing it on a weekly basis.  Plus the impact of having this music in my life and sharing it with the world while I have a baby is exploding my heart songs into new realms.
“Guidance, Freedom for my Life-Everyday!”
I feel that this is the final crucial step in my own healing journey and it is the first time I have put one of my own projects under Artistic Evolucion. I would be honored if you decided to support me via Patreon on AEI on this venture, I know that it would be an extreme act of love for you to do this towards me. The campaign is aimed currently a lot towards my father’s 60 year old and older community.  I haven’t released the campaign yet but I plan to next week on Dec 5th and I am hoping to have 10 supporters on board before announcing it next week at large. Even if you were to only join for a month or two it would help me so much for this official launch.
Thank you in advance and please share with other friends or allies who you think might be interested!
                                                                                                   With LOVE and Admiration,

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