The House of YES! Presents:

The Best of 365SONGBIRD

Accompaniment with Aaron, Mason, & Eben

04.02.07 T9word
05.04.07 putting my foot down, written with Nadia Wahhab
04.26.07 ferris wheel with ryan gosling
06.22.07 Boys r dumber written and performed with Eben Lillie
08.13.07 pherimones written and performed with Eben Lillie
06.25.07 aliens written and performed with Eben Lillie
06.15.07 scientology with lyrics by Kristi Hall
07.08.07 mascara written and performed with Eben Lillie
07.09.07 act locally
08.15.07 starfish of a heart written and performed with Justin Lange
04.06.07 Internet Ghost
09.19.07 eat meat/smoke crack written and performed with Dennis J Q Somethingsworth
09.22.07 Cooties; a working title written and performed with Justin Lange
10.29.07 wet
10.26.07 too perfect written and performed with Aaron, Kara, Anya and Kae
11.01.07 if you
11.05.07 handjob factory written with Kae, Anya, Keelan, performed with YES.
12.04.07 angry song written and performed with Aaron
UNPROTECTED TEXT with Scarlet, Welland, and Alex
10.07.07 rainbows
10.22.07 sexy robots
02.08.08 Om...YEAH
02.19.08 winkel knows best
01.13.08 latina long island lesbians
05.03.07 Robot Babies
03.03.08 what we did this weekend
Apple Store Interruption: MY APPLE GENIUS

And for Even More Fun Some Songs Organized by Important Content Matter:

10.22.07 Sexy Robots with Nadia, Aaron, and Dave
06.25.07 When the Aliens Come to Get You con Eben*          
05.03.07 Robot Babies with Eben* on Beats    

fundamental religion
06.15.07 It's Not You It's Your Scientology

07.23.07 Big Love with Brynn, Tim, and Graeme  
04.02.07 T9Word Instrumentation done on my cellphone key pad
05.06.07 Google Click with true story help from Kristi and Kate
06.08.07 Browse and Browse with Derrick and Sophie
04.25.07 MY PERSONAL GENIUS (remake)
04.29.07 Dear Mom, Solo in the Garage
04.14.07 Time To Take My Space
04.26.07 ferris wheel with ryan gosling solo
10.19.07 Animated Gif with Jonathan
10.09.07 Edible Wiki with Thesis

The White Pages
04.01.07 Read the Phone Book Baby Collaborators: Mark, Tim, Kate, Kristy, and  Pete
04.24.07 mis-remeber/unlisted Co-written and guitar with David Grubbs*

brittney spears
04.17.07 Kevin Federline is a Douch Bag  Drums, Bass, Killer Back Up Vocals:  Mark and Jesse

Kids Songs for Adults
10.08.07 Cooties; a working title with Justin
10.07.07 Ride that Rainbow with Clare, Justin, Ali, Liz, Kae, and Alex Live @ House of YES!

08.15.07 Starfish of a Heart with Justin Lange
05.05.07 lunch box with Alan on Duet and Guitar
06.18.07 What if all the Skyscrappers went to the Moon? written mostly by and sung with Justin Lange

true stories
08.13.07 Pheromones with Eb
06.22.07 Boys Are Dumber than the Average Bear with Eben*
04.13.07 Jesse's Eye Drums: Mark, Percussion: Kristi, Bass and Eye Popping Action: Jesse
06.30.07 Straight Stripper in a Gay Bar with Michael
04.12.07 Santa Exposed Sax: KK  

I Swear this Never Happens to Me...
07.20.07 Lemonaide Stand/Thou Shalt Not Rise concept, most lyrics, and ukulele by Nikki
04.22.07 It's a Pendemick! Co-written and Guitar with Nick Leslie*

07.08.07 Mascara with Eb*
06.09.07 HomoErotic dedicated to the Boys
Bonus Track!  Pussy Penis Bleed with Mark, Jesse, and Tim
05.19.07 Step-Sister with my Bleeding High Heeled Clunking Feet
07.30.07 Rub-A-Dub-Dub