Songs Organized by Date of Creation:
03.31.08 the song that never ends with YES!
03.30.08 i i i with cat savage
03.29.08 not this again with  Helen and Rider Pales
03.28.08 changing
03.27.08 get tarded
03.26.08 a mighty cloud of witnesses
03.25.08 enough information
03.24.08 Cutting @ the table
03.23.08 In Love with the Rollergirl
03.21.08 table manners @ Ebens
03.20.08 exquisite
03.19.08 Profilactive
03.18.08 Free to Be.
03.17.08 Spring Cleaning
03.16.08 Fancy. with the YES! dressing room
03.15.08 Pilgrim and Jesus with Katie
03.14.08 WW3 with Gaia

03.13.08 Fair Weather Friend for the Mays, Finns & McBanes
03.12.08 Have your Cake and Eat it Too w/ Aaron, Katie, Kae
03.11.08 OhmygoodnessMari w/Steph, Aaron, Kae, and Katie
03.10.08 I don't even know what this means
03.09.08 Daddy Daddy Daddy Girls Gone Wild w/ Katie
03.08.08 LDS TEMPLE w/Mari and our favourite SLC institution
03.07.08 Gender Drum Circle ISU Art of Gender in Everyday LIfe Conference
03.06.08 kareoke listening assignment: None of Your Biznas by S&P
03.05.08 You Could Have, But You Didn't for the underground corporation
03.04.08 silence for the songs all around us, everyday.
03.03.08 what we did this weekend...w/Aaron, Jordan, Anya, and Iris
03.02.08 Hoofin
03.01.08 Sans Caccoon w/Eb, Jackson, and Ike

02.29.08 Washer Drier w/Eb
02.28.08 Sleep Tranquility Lullaby for Aaron
02.27.08 RubaWonderYES w/Katie and Aaron
            RubaWonderPS: w/Kae
02.26.08 To Do LIst @ YES! w/Anya
02.25.08 Eben Larken w/Eb
02.24.08 Universal Safety for Derrick
02.23.08 Rhythm Society
02.22.08 Opening to my Conceptually Rich Burlesque Birthday Party
02.21.08 Bjork
by Kristi
02.20.08 Madagascar Institute with Kae, Anya, Jordan, and Stephanie
02.19.08 Winkle Knows Best with Make Fun!
02.18.08 Vermont Love with Kae, Aaron, Olivia and Piglet
02.17.08 Your Alias is your Alibi with Rom, Mickey, Olivia, Aaron
            Mickey Western Sans Voice @ Middlebury
            Whistle While You Lug @ Middlebur
            Ava Trust Fall
02.16.08 Edie in Mickey's Space Ship
02.15.08 One Plus One
02.14.08 Outgoing Message @ HoneySpace w/Winkel, Aaron, Kae, Stephanie, and Derrick
02.13.08 Too Busy to Make Music with Eb
02.12.08 Duet with Eb
02.11.08 Vibration w/Unprotected Text
02.10.08 Muder She Wrote with Kristi and Michael
02.09.08 Kristi's Cravings
02.08.08 Om..Yeah w/Steph, Jordan, Kae and Anya
02.07.08 Chinese New Years
02.06.08 Fo Free
02.05.08 When I grow Up w/residents of YES!
02.04.08 Garbage Night @ YES!
Spring In February at Tom's Superbowl Party
02.02.08 No Strings with Tom, Seth, and Patrick
02.01.08 Friday Night with Karl and Aaron
01.31.08 Little New Two Door Tercel with Mickey
01.30.08 Last Day @ BCAL with Aauarius and Ivan
01.29.08 Same Book Different Pages with August and Sabrina
01.28.08 The Bitch Lies
01.27.08 Bird Kiss Frog Prince Akim, Kae, Ali, Justin, Aaron
01.26.08 Open Relationship OxyMoron Lisa, Michael, Keelan, and Jessie
01.25.08 I am Breaking Up with You with Sofie and everyone we met on Flushing
01.24.08 My Phone Gets Service with Sofie
01.23.08 Baby I don't Want You with Ivan and Acquarius
01.22.08 Work Ethic with Wykoff Starr
01.21.08 Coffee with Sofie
01.20.08 Some Day My Prince Will...
01.19.08 Sprightly Convalescence with Sofie
01.18.08 Freezing with Sofie
Coming Soon 01.17.08 Crack is not the Answer
01.16.08 Sabrina's Dream with Jenny, Sabrina, and Sofie's Face
01.15.08 Twenty People in a Room with Tuesday Yes Circus Skillshare
01.14.08 Constant Consistent Confetti
01.13.08 Latina Long Island Lesbian with YES
Midas with SanKoFA
01.11.08 Who's That with Stephanie and Chris
01.10.08 Nonsense
01.09.08 No with Aaron
Time to Get a Doorwith the gaping hole in Keelan's Room
01.07.08 I met Him On A Sunday
01.06.08 Kambucha
01.05.08 MATTER
01.04.08 23C with Jim Durkin, the 1st guy next to me on the plane
01.03.08 Face to Face with Susie and Pammy lyrics by: Billy Masters
01.02.08 Susie Song
01.01.08 Constellation


originals by the folks @ ashley's new years shin dig in her smokin down town la loft
Last New Years
oh-eight in outterspace
queer covers by the folks we met dancing near the bonfire on the roof down the street
kiss the girl(boy)
hakuna matata
my genius
take me on
12.30.07 NO NO RENO with GiGi and GPS
12.29.07 Your Lost Tail
12.28.07 Ego Id Boundary with Michelle

12.27.07 Scratch and Sniff Pee Wee Herman with Brian and Michelle
12.26.07 Mr. Mead
12.25.07 Tahoe Blues with the Family
12.24.07 Immaculate
12.23.07 Dear Human Beings concept by Dennis
12.22.07 Palabras
12.21.07 Words
The Family C-mas Letter featuring the Spees and Taylor
12.19.07 The First Bio Deisel Ferris Wheel with Hydrogen Juke Box, Eb, and Aaron
12.18.07 PIMA DRUNK with Nick, Eben, and Scarlet
12.17.07 Swinging and Singing with Stephanie, WII, & MaxMSP
12.16.07 The Wheels on the Bus with YES!, L. Circus, Hydrogen Juke Box
12.15.07 Gimme My Munchies with Anika and Paige
12.14.07 The Rap with Drunkey Brewster/3PAC & YES!
12.13.07 Monicot, Dicot, HTML
12.12.07 Vector Based Imaging
12.11.07 Seeking Roommates, what happens when the song isn't a priority with YES! & L. Circus
12.10.07 Cuz I'm a Rockstar Bitch with Hassan
12.09.07 This Fantasy 1
12.08.07 Clarity and Boys are Dumb with Charlie
12.07.07 Panic Attack
12.06.07 Season's Greetings with Eb
12.05.07 Lose
12.04.07 Angry Song with Aaron
12.03.07 Sweedish Songs Sung by Danish Girls at Johanne's birthday
12.02.07 TextFun with UText Crew
12.01.07 Laura May's Bubbly
with Middle  America, Derrick, Jess, Rachel, Shelly & the Champagne Party
11.30.07 home improvement with anya and kae
11.29.07 im sad with yes! for kara
11.28.07 Handlebars with Justin
11.27.07 Time with Eb
11.26.07 Today's Weather with Leo
11.25.07 Love Island with Mason, Kara, Aaron, and Jamie
11.24.07 llaves with Christian
11.23.07 Leftover Party Meow Cb horus with YES! Company
11.22.07 Ashes and Rhymes with Kae
11.21.07 thankyou
11.20.07 Albino Pigeons with Kae
11.19.07 Ornate
11.18.07 scattered sunday paper
11.17.07 monogamy with mitch kramer
11.16.07 my penis wears a hoodie w/justin's dinner party
11.15.07 sexy not sucky with the dream girls
11.14.07 ps. w/kara
11.13.07 archetype
11.12.07 Can i sleep in your tent?
11.11.07 Why? over Aaron and Shakey's Rehearsal
11.10.07 Pumpkin Pie
11.09.07 Anya Text with Anya
11.08.07 Dream First Rehearsal with Kae, Claire, Anya, and Eben
11.07.07 Text Book Entry with Scarlet
11.06.07 House of YES! meeting Recap with YES!
11.05.07 Hand Job Factory with Kae, Anya, and Keelan
Rooftop Sunrise 1 with Aaron, Leo, Franchesca, and Kara
            Rooftop Sunrise 2with Aaron, Leo, Franchesca, and Kara
11.03.07 The Brooklyn Edition First Rehearsal with Aquarius, Ivan and Beatrice at BCAL
11.02.07 Puddles on a Sunny Day with House of Yes! Kitchen Table on a Friday at 2am
11.01.07 If You

October 2007
10.31.07 Not Subtle/ Exa in a Room/ Candy Corn with Justin
10.30.07 Reflections
10-.29.07 Wet.
10.28.07 Bum Ba Dum Ba Dum
10.27.07 Permission is a YES!/Got to Keep Your Engines Clean with Mickey Western and Aaron
10.26.07 Too Perfect to Ever Work Out with Kara, Anya, and Aaron
10.25.07 Lost Wallet Blues with Eb and Jeremy
10.24.07 Rain Check with Aaron and Kara
10.23.07 Letter
10.22.07 Sexy Robots with Nadia, Aaron, and Dave
10.21.07 Too Sleepy To Sing
10.20.07 Joanna's Birfday Message with Sabrina
10.19.07 Animated Gif with Jonathan
10.18.07 Editing takes Precedence with Justin
10.17.07 Sitting in an Outdoor Cafe Two
with Jusin, Alex, Daria, Ana Kristy, Johan

10.16.07 Sitting in an Outdoor Cafe with Jusin, Alex, Daria, Ana Kristy, Johan
10.15.07 Artgasms! with Justin
10.14.07 YES! with Justin
10.13.07 Is Sofie a Laser or the Son of God? with Sabrina
10.12.07 I'm Manic So Are You Dennis, Julie, Alex, Carl
10.11.07 Prussia with Kara, Derrick, and Eb
10.10.07 Not Today

10.09.07 Edible Wiki with Thesis
10.08.07 Cooties; a working title with Justin
10.07.07 Ride that Rainbow with Clare, Justin, Ali, Liz, Kae, and Alex Live @ House of YES!
10.06.07 Pizza!Pizza! with the Love Crew
10.05.07 Go with The Flow
10.04.07 Do you or do you not want to save the world? with Matthew and Rob
10.03.07 KURO JANE TUMBLE FLOW for Grant with Sam and Kae comissioned by Scott and Co.
10.02.07 Patriarchy with a Capitol P with Eb
10.01.07 Secret Elevator Society

September 2007
09.30.07 I don't wanna Grow Up
09.29.07 Kicked Off the Grass with Love Crew
09.28.07 I would have pressed Nine
09.27.07 Ice Cream Machine with PIMA 703
09.26.07 God Watches as You Masturbate one
            God Watches as You Masturbate two
09.25.07 A Quickie with Eb
09.24.07 The Perfect Nanny
09.23.07 STD PSA with Hassan and Keelan
09.22.07 Abercrombie be posted later
09.21.07 Hey Kids it is Illegal to Play in this park at Night! with Scarlett, Weland, and Alex
09.20.07 Exotic Fuzzy Fruit with Sam
09.19.07 Is Crack the Answer? Or: Twiddle Our Pereniums. with Dennis watch our video!
09.18.07 Joan Baez and Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute with Eben and Dan

09.17.07 You as an Animated Gif
09.16.07 Holy Closet Hangers
09.15.07 Meta Song of the Day
09.14.07 You Know
09.13.07 At war with ourselves with Sam
09.12.07 L Train Claymation
09.11.07 The Larks Sang lyrics by Bread and Puppet
09.10.07 Photo Shop Live
09.09.07 In the Back of My Mama's House with Mickey background: Anya, Tom, & Keelan
09.08.07 The First Ever Non Hearing Porn Star with Christine, Josie, and Scooter
09.07.07 Pre-Cum Makes Babies with Heidi
09.06.07 Where's Matthew ( Piano Teacher.) with John and Sam
09.05.07 New World Orchestra
09.04.07 We Aren't Waiting
09.03.07 A Fine Showmance
09.02.07 Red Skirt
from poem, "Painting" by Per-Olof Johansson
09.01.07 Move on Too


08.31.07 Living Dumpling Run with Eben
08.30.07 Performa JV with Eben
08.29.07 On Hold with Financial Aid
08.28.07 The Rhythm of LIfe
08.27.07 Pow Wow Problematic with LB, Kristi, and Kate
08.26.07 Popcorn with Kristi and Kate
08.25.07 Knows Who Knows
08.24.07 After House of YES!
08.23.07 Pressed Between Pages
08.22.07 Rape Fantasy Gone Wrong with Christina
08.21.07 Lil Larken Spittin wif Mc JJ and C Money
08.20.07 Welcome to the Dojo with JJ and Cara
08.19.07 Tick Tock Tempo with Andi and the Cast of Tick Tock
08.18.07 Crawl Inside with Taylor Black and John, Rochelle, & Riley
08.17.07 My Parent's Piano with Eb
08.16.07 Having Chex, The most important meal of the day
08.15.07 Starfish of a Heart with Justin Lange
08.14.07 I disapprove of your Booty Call with Sandra and Alice
08.13.07 Pheromones with Eb
08.12.07 Right Now with Sabrina and Life Cafe
08.11.07 Where Have You Been
08.10.07 Overture of a Postulated Diana Musical with Dad and Mom
08.09.07 I Like It
08.08.07 Out Loud
08.07.07 Goodbye Kitty with Dad
08.06.07 Banned for Sillyness with Mom and Dad
08.05.07 Haunt Me! for Michelle in the case of her untimely death in Fiji
08.04.07 I read her Diary
08.03.07 Dr. Burke's Breakdown
08.02.07 Another Typical OC Day with Michelle
08.01.07 Stupid Queer Straight Boys with Michelle
07.31.07 Let me Call you Sweetheart Remake with Pammy and Susie
07.30.07 Rub-A-Dub-Dub
07.29.07 Valhalla Style with Smiley, Gigi and Brynn
07.28.07 Chainsaw with the Ronnings and the Morgans
07.27.07 Cycle
07.26.07 Shhhhhh....with Brynn and Brigitte
07.25.07 Gone Fishin' with Mr. Morgan, Brynn, Brigitte, and Dave
07.24.07 New High
07.23.07 Big Love with Brynn, Tim, and Graeme
07.22.07 CRAZAY COVER with Nikki and Erin
07.21.07 It's A Window! Harmonica and duet with Kevin Burrows, featuring: Dope Donkey Balls
07.20.07 Lemonaide Stand/Thou Shalt Not Rise concept, most lyrics, and ukulele by Nikki
07.19.07 Delayed Flight
07.18.07 ZZZZzzzzzzzz...with Eb* and Albania Mania

07.17.07 Michael's Bday with Aimee
07.16.07 Jose and Otay with Christian
07.15.07 Life As A Performance
07.14.07 White Dress with The Himilayan Band and the subway to Night of Fire
07.13.07 My Gay Boyfriend with Sabrina on Vocals and Michah on Guitar
07.12.07 one one two zero six with Gary Pollack on Beat Box
07.11.07 London Bridges with Justin, Russell, and Drew
07.10.07 The Bike Ride Home From Make Fun with Sofie
07.09.07 Act Locally
07.08.07 Mascara with Eb*
07.07.07 Dick-tator-tot with Sofie, Kristi, and Sunhee
07.06.07 JU with Julie at her Birthday
07.05.07 Inheritance for my Mom
07.04.07 On Another Rooftop with Robyn and the Fireworks
07.03.07 Harmonicas on Ice
with Drew, John, & Tom Harmonica, Russel on Guitar
07.02.07 I Think Too Much with Eben*
07.01.07 Duet? without Michael

06.30.07 Straight Stripper in a Gay Bar with Michael
06.29.07 EXTERNAL SEX ORGAN with Michael, Paul and Anthony
06.28.07 Landmark Rehab/Umbrella Remix created with Michael Pettenato
06.27.07 Big Balad About Living
06.26.07 Spooning War
arranged by Tony Bevilacqua accompaniment by
Seth Bisen-Hersh
06.25.07 When the Aliens Come to Get You con Eben*
06.24.07 I eat my boogers solo
06.23.07 The Eve of Georgia's Drunken Birthday with Jon and Georgia
06.22.07 Boys Are Dumber than the Average Bear with Eben*
06.21.07 PDA PSA with Lindsay Bubar
06.20.07 Femme Subversive
06.19.07 You don't know Kate's Fo-Hawk

06.18.07 What if all the Skyscrappers went to the Moon? written mostly by and sung with Justin Lange
06.17.07 Seigel St Rap Sunhee, Ingvid, Sofie, Sandra, Ryan, Jac, Jan Luc
o6.16.07 Landing Strip
06.15.07 It's Not You It's Your Scientology
Bonus Track!  Pussy Penis Bleed with Mark, Jesse, and Tim

06.14.07 Snow in Sydney
06.13.07 Lost with the Boys
06.12.07 Paris Incarcerated with Oliver Ralli
06.11.07 Love is Inconvenient inspired by Danish Girls and the L Train
06.10.07 Aphasia for the special moments with you
06.09.07 HomoErotic dedicated to the Boys
06.08.07 Browse and Browse with Derrick and Sophie
06.07.07 Household Bores  garage with Pilgrim
06.06.07 Reading Rainbow Cover L.B., Tim, and Deez's Birfday Party
06.05.07 Advise for Loosers in the Garage
06.04.07 Love Song in the Sand with Tim on Drums and with Beats and Keys by Mark

06.03.07 Snoopy Snow Cone Healing with Tim
06.02.07 Astral Speculation with BOS (Megan, Katie, Nora, Noah, Dan, J, Rek, & Brynn) Video Here
Ad Hoc with Henry, Brooke, and Brynn @ Ad Hoc
05.31.07 Shake that thang Mort! with Brynn on the Roof post 3LD LEMUR Concert
05.30.07 Jesus is a Freegan with Terry and Olivia of the Freegan Bike Workshop
05.29.07 Hotness Inc. with Eb*
05.28.07 It Makes Cents with Eb*
05.27.07 Booty Calls written and sung by and with Julie Marcus* and Mache
05.26.07 Eben's Ridding Shot Gun
PIMA Experimental Ensemble Post Performance
05.25.07 Steven Seagal Saw My Titties Today duet with Julie* Piano by Eben* and Yoni
05.24.07 My Poor Ipod with Rew
05.23.07 One Day Old with Eb* dedicated to Ava Jane who is One Day Old Today!
05.22.07 Cover Girl the Gender Maintenance Sndtrk for all Pretty Girls
05.21.07 Rewind
lyrics by Sherrard
05.20.07 Lost with PodingtonBear
05.19.07 Step-Sister with my Bleeding High Heeled Clunking Feet
05.18.07 Johanna, The Other Red Head with Julie Baber and Johanna herself
05.17.07 Just Play with Eb* cyberactively
05.16.07 When did the Cock become the Hole?
Super Duper Solo
05.15.07 Twelve Second Song with Patrick Resing rocking MAXMSP
05.14.07 Mis-Matched Sock with Eb* on untuned Piano and Ambient PIMA
05.13 07 Forever 21 with Noah on Confession
05.12.07 Technology is not important electrolized duet with Eben*
05.11.07 Craigslist Personal Add with with Gully Jazz Band and DeezMan

05.10.07 Predictions for the Future co-written and sung with Summer and Eve* aka Nadia
05.09.07 Bi Bim Bop Solo
05.08.07 Fanatic with Eben* and David* on the Common House Fan
05.07.07 Apologies with Sherrard, Eben*, John*, David*, Juliana, Scarlett
05.06.07 Google Click with true story help from Kristi and Kate
05.05.07 lunch box with Alan on Duet and Guitar
05.04.07 Putting My Foot Down co-written and sung with Summer and Eve* aka Nadia
05.03.07 Robot Babies with Eben* on Beats
05.02.07 It's Me... Solo
05.01.07 Seductive Sudoku Solo in the Garage


04.30.07 Horchata Solo in the Lounge
04.29.07 Dear Mom, Solo in the Garage
04.28.07 Mmm Peach Bush with Colleen and Eben* on African Finger Instrument
04.27.07 quite contrary solo (garage band intro with Mark)
04.26.07 ferris wheel with ryan gosling solo
04.25.07 my personal genius with Jesse on guitar and me on toy piano
04.24.07 mis-remeber/unlisted Co-written and guitar with David Grubbs*
04.23.07 rpg adjourned with: eben*, quinn, lisa, glenis, elena, tommy, and chiu
04.22.07 It's a Pendemick!Co-written and Guitar with Nick Leslie*
04.21.07 the tambourine takes soulwith: Keys/Tim, Drums/Morgan, Bass/Jesse/Mark, and Banjo  with LB  
04.20.07 pee for free! with Tim and Mark on multiple instruments
04.19.07 i buy tech support: benj and doris
04.18.07 Lost Whale Forced Collaborations with: Imelda, Hal, Dana, and Sharon
04.17.07 Kevin Federline is a Douch Bag  Drums, Bass, Killer Back Up Vocals:  Mark and Jesse
04.16.07 Functional A.D.D. Duet with Eben Lillie* 
04.15.07 Speaking Out Against Violence Solo with 3 chords by  me
04.14.07 Time To Take My Space  Co-Written and Duet with: Ms. Adrienne Harris*
04.13.07 Jesse's Eye Drums: Mark, Percussion: Kristi, Bass and Eye Popping Action: Jesse   
04.12.07 Santa Exposed Sax: KK    
04.11.07 Automated Solo 
04.10.07 You Sultry Brazillian Berry Sax: KK, Harmony: Mel  
04.09.07 Hawaii Dreams Me, Myself, and I
04.08.07 Mirmaid Remix Bonfire Chorus and Guitar, Words: Alan Menken*    
04.07.07 Party Pooper Medium: Helium Balloons, Collaborators: Mel and KK  
04.06.07 Internet Ghost percussion on laptop by Kristen, concept by Tom
04.05.07 Freezing Concrete Jungle Bird Calls: Mihai, Backup: Brigitte*      
04.04.07 Exactly with: Brynn and Sharpie watch our process by clicking here
04.03.07 You Know Who You Are with Ohare Airport       
04.02.07 T9Word Instrumentation done on my cellphone key pad
04.01.07 Read the Phone Book Baby Collaborators: Mark, Tim, Kate, Kristy, and  Pete  



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